author: Tim Mansell

Blackmouth Cur Temperament and Lifespan

The Blackmouth Cur refers to the category of hunting dogs. You should buy it only if you are ready to spend much time with your dog as it needs a lot of exercise and walk. The dogs are very clever and like being occupied with something all the time. They are friendly to people and will be a good choice for families with children too.

If you like sports, especially jogging, then Blackouth Cur will make a great jogging companion.The lifespan of the breed is about 12-18 years. The average age is about 15 years without serious health problems, read Rotorazer Saw.

How Much Does a Blackmouth Cur Cost and Price Range

The price for Blackmouth Cur varies from $250 to $500. If you are buying an older dog, not a puppy, then you can find dogs which cost even $100. However, if you would like to buy top quality puppy with all necessary documents proving its pedigree you should be ready to pay the higher price. Choosing your pet you should compare prices but first of all choose the trustworthy seller.

Blackmouth Cur Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Black Mouth Curs are considered to be large short-haired dogs with muscular frames. The color of the coat is usually yellow, reddish brown or brindle. Sometimes you can notice black shading on their muzzles. The average weight of the dogs is 20-43 kg. The height ranges from 40 to 65 cm. The chest is solid, the tail can be both short or enough long. This breed of dogs is strong as they are great hunters.

Blackmouth Cur Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

If trained properly, Black Mouth Curs are great sociable dogs who are very sensitive and love their master very much. They are also good protectors of the territory. You shouldn't worry about the possibility to have intruders at home as these dogs were bred as homestead dogs.

If you have decided to choose Blackmouth Cur as your pet, then its history will be of interest to you. According to some sources, this breed of dogs was developed by the Celts. Depending on the region, there are various names of the breed. There isn't much information about the exact origin of the Blackmouth Cur breed. However, it is known that the breed appeared in the Southern United States. The breed was meant as a farm dog. The breed has become popular since the XIX century.