author: Tim Mansell

Different Styles of Russian Dolls

The Russian Matryoskha dolls were exhibited for the first time at the Paris World Exhibition in the year of 1900. This exhibition was conducted by the wife of the well-known Russian landowner whose name was Sava Mamontov. This man further contributed into the worldwide popularity of Russian Matryoskhas which were sold in many countries. This unique doll even earned the bronze medal at that exhibition that became a strong stimulus for numerous Russian artists and craftsmen to produce more and more Russian dolls. The demand for the Matryoshkas has drastically grown at that period of time. However, the origin of the first Russian doll is still unknown.

Nowadays, Russian dolls are available in a great variety of styles which differ according to the places they originate from. The price of the Russian dolls greatly depends upon the type of paint that is used for their production. These can be acrylic colors, water colors, etc. one can also purchase Russian Doll sets Wipe New which usually include from three, five, seven, ten and even fifty and more pieces, look Wipe New.

There're different styles of Russian dolls available nowadays in the market. Let's discuss at least some of them.

Sergiev Posad Style of Russian dolls involves wood burning techniques in the creation of floral designs. The doll of this style usually has a thinner top part while the lower part is somewhat thicker. Matryoshka of Sergiev Posad Style was the first one that was presented at Paris Exhibition of Dolls and Foreign Toys.

Seminovo Style of Russian dolls is known for containing a great number of pieces of dolls in comparison with other styles of these dolls. The biggest set had seventy-two small dolls and had one meter in length. The face as this doll depicts light touch of brush as blush can be seen on the cheeks. For painting the dolls of Seminovo Style the artist usually uses dyes.

Polkhovsky Maidan style of Russian dolls is known for the usage of aniline dyes. The number of dolls in each set is less. Besides, these dolls have richer and more vivid colors in comparison with the Seminovo and sergiev posad styles. Each doll has an apron with dog-rose with petals. As far as it is known, Russian women are worldwide known for their motherhood. This flower symbolizes motherhood. These Russian nesting dolls are lacquered after being painted, while the layers of dye are superimposed on one another.

Vyatka style of Russian dolls usually presents collectible items which are mainly produced dolls in North Russia, so these dolls portray North Russian girl with a shy smile. Aniline dyes are mainly used for painting. The Russian dolls of this style are notable for the straw inlay. After the dolls are painted, a base is applied. To create special designs artists use the straw inlay work. In this case, designing can be easily done as straws are cut into different tiny pieces. After that these pieces are dyed and lacquered. Russian dolls of Vyatka style are characterized by extremely detailed painting although straw is used as inlay.

Kirov style of Russian dolls is characterized by the feature that only women are portrayed on dolls. Although Russian dolls do story telling, these dolls display only females. As Kirov is not far from Vyatka, the same painting takes place, as well as straw inlay, and oil lacquering.